Writing Together

It’s Friday evening on my screened porch and the breezes are doing their onomatopoeic (thank goodness for spell check) thing in the tree leaves and the crickets are singing, and the dog is lapping water from her bowl which is really a Princess House space-shuttle-tile-saucepan thing.

And I’ve just read two pieces by people with whom I’ll be in a Fiction Studio* starting Monday, and I am so inspired. It’s a warm connection, this sharing of writing. Entrusting your hard work to the scrutiny of others, hoping they find the flaws so you can fix them, but also hoping they’ll find something worthy of the comment “Nice!”

I wrote “Nice!” a lot in the margins of these two pieces.

*The Fiction Studio is one of many high quality classes offered by The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Check it out: www.the-muse.org/readings-events.html or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheMuseWritersCenter